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Established in 2007 and with a combined experience of over 30 years and a strong will to commit to customer’s needs, Imadi Fastech has come very far. Our principle aim is to deliver the best products at the most competitive price and your trust in us pushes us to exceed your expectations each time.  A customer centric approach, effective use of technology and seamless integration between products, people and processess ensure that there efficiency in all areas of our operation.

Our intent is not just procuring an order, but to strive to do more than that - earn value by providing more than just the product. We believe in adopting ethical business practices combined with thorough organizational skills whether we are catering to a small scale establishment or a large organization. Also, our job does not end when we make a sale. We provide after sales support and forge long term relationships with our customers.We have had a few particularly demanding clients who put us to test and we are proud to say we took meticulous effort in fulfilling their needs and came out shining. We have still retained those customers over all these years and that just proves our point. We are poised to take on newer challenges and fulfilling them to the best of our capabilities.


It is safe to say, we are obsessed with quality. We unfailingly carry out product inspection so that we deliver to our customers, value for money. Only products of immaculate quality makes its way to you and we intend to have it that way always. After all, it’s not just how fast we do it, but how well we do it that matters.

Competitive Pricing

Selling goods is not our only goal. We intend to do value addition. We have evaluated our system of sourcing and delivering products and have come up with innovative solutions to bring down the cost of our products. We have long standing associations with markets, both local and national which allows us to give you a competitive price each time.

On Time Delivery

We know and understand that unreliable and flighty delivery can affect the top and bottom line of your business. That’s the reason, we decided to do things differently. We put together a streamlined process just so we can fulfil the commitment we made to ourselves- That we will consistently provide on time delivery to our customers. Needless to say, we have.